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At StopAHack®, our consultants provide unparalleled code-quality assurance alongside continuous security evaluations utilizing Prisma Cloud,, SonarQube and Checkmarx. Specializing in the creation of bespoke playbooks for penetration testing, SIEM, SOAR, and XSOAR within DEVSECOPS frameworks, our team excels in crafting tailored solutions for enhanced cybersecurity.

Moreover, our expertise extends to conducting thorough SAST scanning, a process dedicated to uncovering, monitoring, and rectifying both technical and logical security vulnerabilities. By integrating both static and dynamic scanning techniques, we meticulously assess and improve upon coding standards, unit testing, code coverage, and security vulnerabilities, ensuring your digital assets are fortified against emerging threats.

Our container security offerings align with NIST 800-53 standards and adhere to the CIS Benchmark, ensuring unparalleled protection for your digital infrastructure. At StopAHack®, our consultants specialize in mitigating insider threats through meticulous detection of unauthorized modifications to Dockerfiles using Prisma Cloud.

Leveraging advanced tools such as Prisma Cloud (Twistlock) and, our team conducts comprehensive Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) scanning, alerting, and behavioral analysis across all phases of development and production, including build, registry, and runtime environments. Beyond the rigor of container hardening, we implement systematic backups for clusters and persistent storage, safeguarding your data against any eventuality with precision and foresight.

StopAHack® consultants possess the expertise to seamlessly integrate the Sidecar Container Security Stack (SCSS) into all containers or pods, facilitating this process without the necessity for manual intervention and ensuring configurations such as RBAC, SSO, and SELinux are activated. This innovative approach enables automated, centralized logging and telemetry, streamlining security processes and enhancing oversight with precision and efficiency.

StopAHack® consultants excel in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security, employing tools like Prisma Cloud (Bridgecrew) and Snyk to meticulously scan and identify configuration discrepancies and errors within code-based infrastructure. This scrutiny extends to critical aspects such as encryption, secrets management, and the robustness of security group roles.

By focusing on IaC scanning, our team adeptly addresses cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities at their origin. This approach not only facilitates the identification of code-level infrastructure issues but also ensures the application of optimal coding practices. Leveraging automation, we streamline the implementation of fixes, delivering solutions directly through code.

Furthermore, IaC scanning serves as a proactive measure against infrastructure misconfigurations, embedding essential checks prior to deployment via continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. This strategy effectively prevents new cloud security vulnerabilities from entering runtime, fortifying your infrastructure against potential threats.

Our specialists are adept at guiding you through cloud security posture management with Prisma Cloud. At StopAHack®, our consultants meticulously analyze a variety of data sources, offering clear insights into risk factors. This enables us to provide exhaustive oversight and control, ensuring optimal security posture for each resource under our purview.

Expanding on our capabilities with Prisma Cloud for Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), we leverage its advanced features to automate compliance checks and rectify misconfigurations across cloud environments. This proactive approach allows us to safeguard your infrastructure against potential vulnerabilities and threats, maintaining a robust security framework that aligns with industry best practices and regulatory standards. Through Prisma Cloud's CSPM, we offer a unified solution that not only detects but also rectifies security issues, ensuring a resilient and secure cloud ecosystem for your organization.

At StopAHack®, our consultants provide elite consulting services focused on cyber privacy policies, the implementation of cybersecurity compliance frameworks, and the safeguarding of information. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of frameworks and controls, including but not limited to FedRAMP, the Risk Management Framework (RMF), and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks. Through our guidance, organizations can navigate the complexities of these standards, ensuring robust protection and compliance in their cybersecurity practices.

StopAHack® consultants excel in providing comprehensive educational services in the realm of cybersecurity. Our tailored training programs are designed to equip individuals and organizations with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand, navigate, and mitigate the complex challenges posed by the digital landscape. From foundational cybersecurity principles to advanced threat detection and response strategies, our courses cover a broad spectrum of topics, ensuring participants are well-prepared to safeguard their digital assets against emerging threats. Through a blend of theoretical insights and practical exercises, we foster a deep understanding of cyber risks and the best practices for effective cyber defense.

StopAHack® consultants specialize in advising on next-generation firewalls and overarching network security strategies, incorporating renowned Palo Alto Networks Inc products such as Prisma Access, STRATA, Prisma SD-WAN, and VM Series, alongside esteemed offerings from Cisco, Fortinet, and Juniper. Our comprehensive consulting services are designed to harness the strengths of these leading technologies, providing your network with advanced protection and strategic defense mechanisms. By integrating these top-tier solutions, we ensure your infrastructure is well-equipped to counteract modern cyber threats, maintaining the integrity and security of your digital landscape.

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